Humala’s turn to “tighten grip”: Look out Mao!

Reuters: Peru’s Humala tightens grip in Cabinet overhaul

Now, where I have I heard this headline before?

Hey, Google News now offers suggestions from the archive. Such as this, which would seem a more appropriate example of a “grip” being “tightened.”

1 thought on “Humala’s turn to “tighten grip”: Look out Mao!

  1. westslope


    More than 200 disputes nationwide have threatened to delay $50 billion in planned mining and oil projects that Humala says would fuel economic growth for years.

    Nice number $50 billion. Were those Peruvian civil servants that came up with that number? Or is Humala citing some US capital house?

    Aside from that setti, is bringing up Chairman Mao in the context of Peru the cricket thing to do?

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