2 Of These Things Are Not Like The Others of the day

Major Latin American currencies, 2-year chart:

I am no currencies expert, and surely there are a dozen or more regular readers who could explain this chart better than I could. So I’m just going to make a comment: Next time I hear a central banker say that there’s no way to control currency exchange rates (I’m lookin at you, Chile), I will have to show him (they’re always men, you notice) this chart. Argentina has taken a slower and more stable devaluation than most, but stable is nice when it comes to currencies. And Peru? Peru’s sol has strengthened in as straight a line as you’re going to get outside of Nazca. Impressive and odd.

3 thoughts on “2 Of These Things Are Not Like The Others of the day

  1. westslope

    How about a key for the currency chart?

    You may not be a currency expert but you are a professionally trained journalist highly skilled in the art of communication. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. ;-)

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      Jeez, ok, my bad:
      PEN=X (blue line): Peru nuevo sol
      CLP=X (red line): Chile peso
      MXN=X (green line): Mexico peso
      BRL=X (brown line): Brazil real
      COP=X (light green line): Colombia peso
      ARS=X (celeste line): Argentina peso

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