Bullish for copper: Hairdressing

Chile exports a lot of copper. More than half its exports are copper. And just as the gringos always seeks new uses for soybeans and corn, Chile never ceases to invent new uses for copper. The latest is copper combs.

According to the supposedly reputable Santiago newspaper La Tercera, Mining Minister Hernan de Solminihac went yesterday to the lovely 19th-century barbershop Peluquería Francesa and got a haircut that involved the use of a copper comb. Here he is, as shown in the paper:

Why the long face? It's a barber, not a dentist.

The copper comb is no joke. There are 7 billion people in the world. If they each went out and bought a copper 50-gram comb made of copper, that would require 350,000 metric tonnes of copper. That’s about 2% of worldwide production.

From La Tercera:

These combs, fabricated from copper, avoid hair loss, split ends and reduce greasiness, among other benefits…

the minister signalled that the copper comb is characterized by preventing the development of bacteria and infections of the scalp. It also destroys the molds that cause greasiness, dandruff, bad smells and hair loss.

The creator of the initiative, Víctor Escudero, said another important characteristic is that it inhibits split ends that result from the electrostatic discharge in the hair generated by friction in common combs.

They really say that. Your Chilean press, ladies and gentlemen. Hair grease and baldness are from mold. Who knew?

6 thoughts on “Bullish for copper: Hairdressing

  1. Leslie Forman

    Love it. I thought of this when I saw copper socks for sale at one of the big Chilean chain stores. The salesgirl told me they were excellent for the circulation and sold really well.

    For the record, I opted for sporty socks of the normal cotton/spandex variety.

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      I haven’t seen the copper socks. I want copper socks. I’ll be sure to wear them while working on electrical lines. Excellent for the circulation. I love that. Reminds me of my friend Rachel, who used to sell bead necklaces on the street in Caracas. Everyone wanted to know what magic a given color combination would perform, so she would always make something up on the spot. I suspect that “circulation” line started out much the same way.

  2. .5mt

    The market for Copper combs is understated by the Blog-Owner.. I for one will buy a minimum of 3 combs for myself and one each for the cats and dawgs. A Copper flea comb would go at a big premium…..

    You know, seriously, I think I could sell Copper flea combs for cats at an outrageous markup.

    Yawl in?

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