Venezuela arbitration: domestic case going international?

I don’t know anything about this, but I see that Hortensia Margarita Shortt has filed for international arbitration against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela over something about maritime transport services. What appears to be interesting about it is her last name — Shortt is the last name associated with Zulia Towing and Barge, one of the Lake Maracaibo maritime companies nationalized in 2009. I wonder if that ostensibly domestic case has an international angle. In any case, Venezuela continues to chase down Argentina as the country with most ICSID arbitration cases.

Adding: Her linked-in profile says she’s a director of Zulia Towing & Barge and that she’s in Canada. So there you go.

3 thoughts on “Venezuela arbitration: domestic case going international?

  1. Juan Cristóbal Nagel

    Shortt is an old-money Maracucho last name. They are local. They are linked to the old wealthy families in Maracaibo.

  2. Dr. Faustus

    Ms. Shortt will never see a penny of her money, just as Exxon-Mobil will never see a penny of their money either. Chavez will never pay,..anything to anyone. All the ICSID court cases are a sham. Before he dies, and he is dying, Chavez will sell the Venezuelan people/soul to the Chinese.. They had better learn how to speak Mandarin,…and fast.

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