More Venezuela arbitrations and suits

These have all been mentioned in news articles recently, but since I’m a big geek, I thought I’d give you the direct links to the arbitration pages for

Tenaris vs. Venezuela
Owens Illinois vs. Venezuela

(Those direct links are a royal pain to find. You owe me one.)

And all yours for no extra charge, the complaint filed by Helmerich & Payne against PDVSA in US court. Lots of references in there to YouTube videos of Hugo Chavez rants.

And hey, look at this: Helmerich references another case, one I had never heard of, in which Northrop Grumman sued the Venezuelan defense ministry. The case was filed nine years ago, in October, 2002. After some of the more ridiculous backs-and-forths I’ve ever heard of, the two sides are about to go into arbitration — in the USA — over whatever the commercial dispute may be. Apparently something about cost overruns on ships. Now you know.