Arevenca responds, sort of

This comment deserves to be elevated to its own post, since it’s the first more-or-less response from Arevenca. The comment in Spanish is here, but since most of this site is in English, I’m posting a translation here.

My name is Samuel Rosenberg, and I live in Curaçao. I identify myself so there’s no confusing me with this crowd of trash-talkers. I don’t know English, so you may translate. MW [Setty note: I cut this name, because I don’t need to defame anyone here without evidence], you’re a poor man and a coward. Envy is killing you. You always do the same thing, you hide behind a pseudonym so as to attack the people who gave you and your family an opportunity. You’re a professional failure. You lived off the company for years, you used their hotels, vehicles, you traveled in a private plane and you paid all your expenses. You didn’t spend a cent on us for years. You took advantage of these people even though I told them that you’re useless and have never closed a decent deal in your life. You’ve lived off fuel smuggling and minor frauds. We kicked you out of the company for cheating. You stole the company name in Suriname and tried to blackmail it. You are behind all these lies, because you’re a useless, jealous coward.

This company has years in the market and hasn’t been accused in a single lawsuit of any sort. Ahhh, the Nigerians, these people try to defraud the company and Pdvsa, and to do so, have placed a frivolous lawsuit. And they sued in a location where the company has no commercial activity. The should have placed it where the company has commercial activity to be able to exercise legal actions. But because the lawsuit is false, they put it to blackmail and give a bad name to the company.

According to you (plural), the company has failed everyone. But we don’t see a single company client here. We don’t see a single buyer speaking badly of the company. Quite the contrary. But then it’s very strange that nobody has anything to complain about, neither for provision of products or for failure to make payments. How strange is this. Or is it actually that the company is serious, and this delinquent is speaking stupidities because he’s envious?

According to this fool, all the news agencies, the governments of the most powerful nation in the world, all the governments that have made treaties with the company, have made accords to make huge expenditures in a fictitious act just to appear on the Internet.

What you have to do is put yourself to work and recognize that there are people who succeed because they work night and day and don’t defraud anyone like you have done, and that you need to swallow the envy that is devouring you because no one wants you around, what you’ve done is cause problems for everyone and betrayed those who trusted you.

Keep on writing trash like you’ve always done and threatening, if that makes you feel good, because the facts are overwhelming, the company is successful, honorable people work there, and you have no way of hiding them just as you have no way to hide how small and miserable you are and that everyone knows it in Curaçao and Aruba and everywhere. Keep writing trash, because in trash, you’re an expert.

To which I say two things: first, MW, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you know who you are! Feel free to reply. Those are some serious words!

Second, Mr. Rosenberg, I seem to have missed the part of your note where you gave me the names of 1 or 2 of Arevenca’s 73 vessels, or Arevenca’s RIF number, or any other detail contradicting what I wrote previously. Could you please resend that? Thanks.

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