I’m not dead yet

Just busy. Weirdness in Venezuela & Chile = plenty of paid work for me, and less time for the website. My bedtime reading has been the PDVSA annual report. The local press and wires have picked up on most of the newsworthy items in there, but I’ll have my take on it soon. For now, go enjoy your summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) or your winter that feels like summer (here in the south).

1 thought on “I’m not dead yet

  1. westslope

    Work is good. When you have a breather, please give us the inside scoop on Prime Minister Stephan Harper who allegedly hid in the washroom in Brazil.

    Oh, and thumbs up to Harper for defending the freer trade agreement with Colombia. The Canada-Colombia agreement comes into effect today 11 August 2011. Can you hear all the screams of joy and delight in the streets?

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