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Cuasecarioca is blogging. This person, who is remaining anonymous, is really smart, really informed, and really sharp with the analysis. I was honored to have a couple guest posts from this character this year, and I highly recommend that you read the new Lungs of the Earth blerg, put it in your RSS, subscribe to its Tweets, or do whatever it takes to read these crumbs of information and wisdom about Brazil, the environment, and sustainability. Today’s piece starts:

The frontier of the deforestation on the southeastern end of Brazil’s Amazon is steadily moving north, but the usual suspects – ranchers and farmers – are nowhere to be found. The big drivers here pig iron producers – a crowd you might not think about much, but are a key part of the vehicles and electrical appliances in our lives. In a complex global economy, understanding the environmental impact of our decisions involves digging further and further back into the supply chain and asking a lot of questions that don’t come up in day-to-day conversation.

Like for starters: What the hell is pig iron? And what on God’s green earth does it have to do with trees?

Go read.

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