Rain! Snow! Miiiiiiist!

In the Atacama Desert.

Arica gets an average of 1/2 a millimeter of precipitation a year, and this year has gotten a big 3.4 mm. In the Tarapacá region, there are almost 3,500 people displaced by flooding, of all things. Apparently it doesn’t take much to wreck the roads in a region where some spots haven’t felt a raindrop in 20 million years.

3 thoughts on “Rain! Snow! Miiiiiiist!

  1. westslope

    The Atacama must be one of the most beautiful high deserts to be found anywhere. Taking a train across the Andes is one way of seeing them.

  2. Eileen

    A Santiaguina friend of mine posted on FB something along the lines of: in Iquiqueño: The sky is falling, it’s raining, we’re going to drown! In Santiaguino: It’s drizzling.

    Not to make light of people displaced by floods or anything. Sweet stuff. I’ll be back.

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