Keeping up with the lazy writer

Hi readers, don’t mind me while I slack a bit here. Thanks for continuing to visit the site. To celebrate the recent lull, I should mention that there are three excellent ways to keep up to date on our ramblings without hitting “refresh” all day on your poor helpless browser.

Subscribe to my Twitter feed.

You can subscribe to the e-mail, over on the right side of the screen, and receive messages to alert you to each new post. These come very fast, and since I never post more than four messages a day, you never need to worry about getting swamped with e-mail.

RSS. I hear that the kids these days don’t know about this great technology. Use it! Sign up with Google Reader or any other RSS service, and then start collecting “feeds.” This site’s RSS feed is here.

4 thoughts on “Keeping up with the lazy writer

  1. Steven

    Setty, no offense, but … there’s nobody who is worth (a) sitting at my browser and hitting “refresh” for or (b) following on Twitter. And that includes you. When I feel the urge to do either one, it’s time to step away from the computer — go outside, call a friend, do my taxes, go shopping. Looking at your web page every day or two is enough with me. You’re definitely part of my regular reading. Cheers

    1. NicaCat56

      Shoot! I meant to post something along those lines yesterday! Fault local high school graduations for my lapse. I´ll just check my balance at my bank, or read CC, or Devil´s Excrement, or, or, or….

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