Venezuela suspends driver’s licence, headlines follow


(Reuters) – Car-friendly Venezuela, where gasoline is almost free and troublesome highway rules rarely imposed, has suspended a bus driver from the roads for a year in the first case of a suspended license in the OPEC nation.

Police stopped Ramon Parra, 41, for driving at excessive speed in a large, overladen passenger bus that was missing one of its rear wheels.

The bus was packed with more passengers than legally permitted and one of its six wheels was wedged in an aisle inside, national police chief Luis Fernandez told reporters.

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4 thoughts on “Venezuela suspends driver’s licence, headlines follow

  1. westslope

    This is the Tragedy of the Commons with deadly consequences.

    So given the similarities between all people when it comes to free ways, cheap fuel, etc., is Venzuela experiencing an obesity epidemic like North America? From the photos, Venzuelanos look fat and unhealthy.

  2. Kepler

    Just some days ago about a dozen people died between Carabobo and Cojedes in one single bus-lorry crash. Most of the accidents are hardly detected but in the local newspapers of the Llanos.
    I am sure the death rate has gone up since this:
    Venezuelans drive like drunk autistic people. Few take a practical test to get their license. Few answers the questions of the theoretical exam himself as the exam taker usually reads out the solutions for people to fill in the exam fast and go.

  3. Tom ODonnell

    I can’t believe it! If this became a trend, it would be avery positive trend. … Last year, a Venezuelan friend of mine got a traffic ticket (una multa) from a Chacao traffic cop. He was very very apologetic to her. She was so impressed to see a Venezuelan cop actually give a traffic ticket that she reassured him not to feel bad about it, that it was the right thing to do and she happily accepted it.

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