The literally open veins of Latin America

This is one of the most horrible and sad news stories I have ever read. It’s about a new commodity being taken from Latin America. Just go read it.

And while you do, maybe wonder a little bit: Why didn’t poor Peruvians vote for the status quo in the presidential election? And why do business reporters spend 90% of their time writing meaningless market stories about crack spreads and treasury bills, when they could be writing stories like this one? And no matter how bad my life may feel at times, am I lucky, or what?

OK, enough. Go read. Really.


4 thoughts on “The literally open veins of Latin America

  1. NicaCat56

    I read about the story in Nicaragua right after it happened. It was almost unbelievable to read that “desperate times call for desperate measures” in such an extreme way. Unbelievably sad, almost unbelievably believable. For all who don’t live in a third-world country, probably unimaginable. There are also reports from all over the world about organ harvesting:;content

  2. HalfEmpty

    My favorite step went thru 2 kidneys and 10 lifetimes of dialysis, P and H, it drives people to do try to do something. These stories are usually not true, but this one strikes me as legit, and it makes me want to puke.

    1. NicaCat56

      @HalfEmpty, the story in Nicaragua was definitely true. And, yes, when I first read it, and even reading it later, it made me sick to my stomach.

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