FARC links to GW Bush campaign? Hmmm

The Raul Reyes files are exactly like the Wikileaks files. There may be edits, inaccuracies and fabrications in there, but it can’t all be fake. And most likely, none of it is fake. And yet, there are tidbits in there that are almost too weird to be true.

There are probably lots of interesting political stories in there. But all we care about around here is oil. So I’ll leave the political hand-wringing to others (see this and this) and cut to the oily mess.

Here is a paragraph from document I.244:

Se conversó con Luis García que es el encargado de Petróleos de Venezuela en 7 Estados Pone la casa y transporte a disposición y dice que el peor daño al transporte del crudo se produce cuando se corta la energía a los Machines ya que el daño es devastador porque se queman las máquinas de succión dice que esto es mucho mejor, más costosa la reparación y poco daño ecológico y el tiempo de poner a producir nuevamente se tripica. Este dato lo paso por si se puede hacer el ensayo y mirar los resultados.

Translation, trying to keep something like the informal grammar of the original:

A conversation was had with Luis Garcia, who is in charge of Petroleos de Venezuela in seven states. He offered the house and transport and says the worst damage to crude transport is caused when energy is cut from the Machines, as the damage is devastating because it burns the suction equipment and says this is much better, more costly in repair and doesn’t damage the environment and the time to get back to production is tripled. I give you this item in case it can be tried out and see the results.

I sent the quote to PDVSA for comment, I’ll let you know if they get back to me. I have been unable to confirm that a Luis García was in charge of PDVSA in the region, and in fact on extensive searching haven’t found any solid reference to a Luis García at PDVSA. So not confirmed. But interesting.

One odd aspect to that one is that it is dated September 12, 2001. For those of you too young to remember, let’s just say that the news was dominated that day by an unrelated terrorist attack, one that didn’t have quite so much concern about avoiding environmental damage. (Thanks to LB for catching the typo in this paragraph, now corrected.)

Another fun one, dated May 24, 2004:

Nos reunimos con el emisario Chino. El muestra la mejor disposición y manifiesta que se debe enviar un hombre de FARC a China el 15 de junio para mostrar lo que ellos tienen y mirar en el terreno calidades que suplan nuestras necesidades. Sería atendido por la gente del Partido que trabaja la Inteligencia. Plantea que cualquier negocio sería pagado por adelantado o por carta de crédito. Antes se había reunido… Allí llegaron al acuerdo de enviar petróleo a China y que los chinos pagarían parte en armamento. Al parecer lo correspondiente a una “comisión”. Al chino se le planteó que como ellos recibían el petróleo, nosotros, para evitar enredos le cancelaríamos a los venezolanos la parte nuestra. El aceptó.

Which I would translate as:

We met with the Chinese emissary. He demonstrated the best intentions and said a a man from the FARC should be sent to China June 15 to demonstrate what they have and see on-site qualities that fulfill our needs. He’ll be attended by people from the Party who work in Intelligence. It’s foreseen that any deal would be paid in advance or by credit card. Before, a meeting was held … There it was agreed to send oil to China and that the Chinese would pay part in arms. It would seem to be a “commission” [kickback]. To the Chinese man, it is foreseen that as they receive oil, we, to avoid getting entangled, we would pay the Venezuelans our part. He accepted.

Well, that’s a different take on the Venezuela-China oil deals, isn’t it.

And then there is this one, which to my mind is the weirdest thing I have seen in this whole collection. This is dated Nov 23, 2000, after the Bush-Gore election but long before the winner had been finally chosen by the Supreme Court:

Plantea que para el día 6 de diciembre llega a Caracas una delegación de republicanos de los EEUU quienes financiaron la campaña de Bush y están ligados a la industria petrolera y muy agradecidos con Chávez por los precios que defiende a nivel internacional del crudo. Que de ganar la presidencia, esa fracción republicana, buscaría la salida de los asesores gringos de Colombia. Han planteado que desean conversar con nosotros. De darse esto le propongo que Olga y mi persona hagamos escala en Caracas procedentes de Roma para atender el caso. Abrazos RYCHY


Its foreseen for December 6 that a delegation will arrive in Caracas of US Republicans linked to the oil industry and very grateful to Chavez for the crude oil prices that he defends at the international level. Upon winning the presidency, this Republican faction would seek to withdraw gringo advisors from Colombia. It’s been foreseen that they want to converse with us. To do this, I propose to you that Olga and I make a stop in Caracas on our way from Rome to attend to the case. Hugs, RYCHY

RYCHY, aka Rodrigo Granda, then did send more e-mails on Dec. 6 2000, but they are so heavily edited there’s no way to know whether the meetings happened. Come on, people. I want more. How did this Hollywood script set-up play out?

Or did Raul Reyes put this document in there as a form of “black propaganda” against the US? Or did the Colombians put it there because no one would believe they ever would have put it there, boosting credibility for the laptop data? Or maybe Raul Reyes was actually — that’s right — not Raul Reyes at all, but “Edward Kimberly, Anthea’s reckless brother! Edward Kimberly, who’s finally vindicated his sister’s good name.” (See minutes 98-102. You’ll be glad you did.)

11 thoughts on “FARC links to GW Bush campaign? Hmmm

  1. Juan Cristobal

    That Tootsie reference almost saved the day that was ruined by finding out how the Chinese are screwing us dry.

    1. Glenn

      JC- you of all people have known for a long time how the Chinese are screwing you dry, assuming dry to lack of petroleo as opposed to lack of lubricant. :)

  2. HalfEmpty

    I suspected all along there was a Bush involved in the current fiasco. Altho I must admit to keeping an eagle eye out for Judge Crater to make his move.

  3. Kepler

    The second part with the Republicans (or anyone from there) is weird.
    Still: “attend to the case” is rather vague, isn’t it? Does it mean they would go there dressed up as a beautiful Colombian journalist and a Colombian tycoon? Don’t think so.

    The first one does not surprised me at all. Firstly: China is as corrupt as it gets for Asian standards (of course, they are not as corrupt as Venezuelans). Secondly: many intelligence services do this to promote demand for their nations’ products. Read non-fiction book by Victor Ostrowsky on Mossad delivering to Sri Lanka’s government AND the rebels for many years (the weapons industry’s share of Israel’s GDP is the highest on Earth, it matters to them a lot).

    The Chinese are definitely screwing us. Still, remember: the US Americans and Europeans will also try to do exactly that, only that they also have groups that try to prevent that and some journalists who sometimes discover things and challenge it. I see it with what France is doing in Congo right now. Sometimes the border between government and weapons industry are very fluid. I will send you a link Setty sent me, but there are lots of things like that all the time.

    Have you followed up all the references to El Cojo? Amazing!

  4. jeffryh

    While trying to find the Luis Garcia referred to, you might also try to find out whether the advice given about bombing and the suction equipment is correct.

    That is the kind of thing which the gringos and their Colombian imperial lackeys would not put out there as advice for others, if this really were “black propaganda.”

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      JeffryH: Thanks for taking part in the conversation. But please think again. My point in including the Tootsie reference is that once you start getting into this sort of thinking, there is no end to it. Someone could easily come up with an explanation for anyone, yourself included, to put that reference in there. It makes no sense to start going down the road of “he would never do that” or “I can’t see why he would do that” or whatever. I mean, why would Francisco Illarramendi run a pyramid scheme? It makes no sense. If there’s one thing you can get from reading this website, it’s that many things in this world make no sense.

      And as far as the best way to bomb pipelines: It’s not a specialty I care to develop. Bombing pipelines is like the War on Drugs. Supply-side solution to a demand-side problem.

      1. jeffry house

        I understand your point, and thanks for including me!

        In my post, I meant to say that it is unlikely in the extreme that Colombia would doctor a document to provide a valid method of blowing up oil pipelines, since it is in their interest that this information not become commonly known (if it is accurate).

        We may differ only in this: You say in the post that “somethings are almost too weird to be true.” I think some things are so weird as to be highly improbable.

        I look forward to more treasure from the FARC tapes. Please keep digging!

      2. MPC

        “Bombing pipelines is like the War on Drugs. Supply-side solution to a demand-side problem.”

        Love this quote! (and the blog)… Is it yours?

  5. loroferoz

    Can PDVSA sink ever more?

    Collusion with terrorists so they can triangulate an agreement with the Chinese is bad enough.

    The ugly is that one PDVSA executive is giving advice to the terrorists on sabotage of oil pipelines fully knowing what he is doing.

    Can you picture if the flight school where the 9/11 terrorists trained initially had given them training knowing what they were up to and counseled them on the best way to crash an airliner into a skyscraper to cause maximum damage and the most victims? Can you picture what other pilots and related personnel would like to DO to them? Taking them outside to “dance” is the least they could expect… and for sure the school would have to close in disgrace.

    That’s the way to do it! Draw attention, and not the kindest, to PDVSA people at professional conventions…

  6. Fabio

    “republicanos de los EEUU quienes financiaron la campaña de Bush y están ligados a la industria petrolera”
    I find it totally believable, and not necessarily a sign of a collusion between Bush aides and FARC. The e-mails are sometimes cryptic not only because Reyes avoids identifying some people, but sometimes because the information he has is vague. Does he know exactly who he is meeting? Would it be safe or necessary to bring that precise information from Caracas to the Colombia-Ecuador border?
    The text of the e-mail suggests not politicians, but oil industry people who donated to the Bush campaign (hence “Republicans”) and are delighted that Venezuela’s instability keeps oil prices high. The reciprocity seems to be lobbying for a reduction in the Plan Colombia military aid.
    “attend to the case” – the Spanish suggests he means he will “answer a request”, i. e. go to a proposed meeting. The obvious next step is to look for a visit to Caracas by oil executives or politicians around Dec 6th 2000.

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