Protests greet Petrobras offshore drills — in New Zealand

Petrobras is showing that south-south cooperation can also lead to south-south tension. Here’s the story from New Zealand, where Petrobras is exploring offshore. Brought to us by TVNZ:

The skipper involved in an oil protest off the East Cape yesterday has been charged… operating a vessel in an unsafe manner…. The man, believed to be skipper Elvis Teddy, was arrested yesterday amid a protest by iwi Te Whanau a Apanui-owned vessel San Pietro against Brazilian oil giant Petrobras’ survey ship, Ocean Explorer… The Ocean Explorer is doing the first seismic study of the Raukumara Basin area off the East Coast since the government awarded Petrobras a $151 million five-year permit last June.

Did I mention that the website thinks the arrested individual is named Elvis Teddy? I think this wins Best Name of the Year So Far award around here. Interesting situation.

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