Happy birthday to Setty

The blog is a year old! I am pleased that the very first blog post had a prediction which panned out. Here’s hoping for more of those. Thank you to everyone for making this project so rewarding. It has been incredible to meet you. Onward to more interesting stories.

10 thoughts on “Happy birthday to Setty

  1. Ellen Campbell

    Most 1-year olds are just starting to verbalize words, and this website has posted many! Happy Birthday, I’m looking forward to more good reading and good journalism. EOC

  2. westslope

    This blog will be the ruin of me yet! I spend more time reading, thinking and posting here than makes any kind of rational sense.

    ¿Que se yo? C’est pas ma faute. T’es mon brasseur de marde préféré!

    A thousand returns…. -w

  3. gnat

    Congratulations. I love the site. While I don’t post comments often I read it everyday. Thank you for all your hard work.

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      Yes that’s true. And not just Guri, but the general state of generators. The old daily, weekly and monthly reports were excellent. Weekly reports were eliminated a couple years ago. Then the daily reports went away after September. I posted on it here. The monthly reports still come out, but the CNG’s “periodista” refused to put me on the distribution list.

      Of course eliminating data doesn’t eliminate discussion. It just makes everyone assume the worst — Chavistas assume there is sabotage, oppos assume there is corruption, and everyone assumes that things are getting worse. It’s really demoralizing.

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