Peru heads to the extremes

What a surprise. Peruvian institutions fail to listen to the public, demonstrators are routinely shot dead, and vast areas of the country live without electricity, paved roads, potable water or indoor heating despite a boom of 8% annual GDP growth. And then Peruvians vote for populist Ollanta Humala and law-and-order advocate Keiko Fujimori. Oh wait, actually that’s not a surprise. What’s surprising is that most of the reaction I’m hearing can be reduced to “OMG, what are they thinking, don’t they know that the status quo is good for them?”

For something a bit more nuanced, Hemispheric Briefs is a good place to start.


One thought on “Peru heads to the extremes

  1. Ralph Echeverria

    I have the feeling Peruvians are going to commit suicide … exactly what Venezuelans did back in 1998 … as prognosticated by the Peruvian nobel prize Mario Vargas LLosa … 3 days before election.

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