First, thank you very much! The donation drive brought in enough money to get this laptop fixed and pay off all those bills I mentioned. Thank you. I’ll leave the donation button over there to the right in case you ever want to throw a tip in the jar. For now, I just have to say that I am a very lucky man to have readers who are as engaging, curious and also generous as you. Thanks.

Second, I’m traveling again for the next couple weeks. I will be starting at the funeral of my grandmother, who died today. I hope that this website carries on at least some of her ability to see through BS, her Depression-born sense of thrift and her distaste for thieves in suits.

After my home and native land, I will be passing through what may soon be the world’s most powerful failed state. My apologies for going into a bit of a posting slump right after a fund-drive. Talk soon.

UPDATE: Maybe this is a better link for “failed state.”

15 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. jau

    sorry about your grandmother…

    Off topic:

    Giusti and Santos are out of Alange…. Iacomo and De la Campa are in…

    I know that you have compared PRE and ALE lately, but what do you think? I think this is great news for ALE, but you might disagree…

        1. sapitosetty Post author

          I appreciate the news tip. I should have given you a “hat-tip” and will add one now. As far as my thoughts about it on ALE and PRE: I am a reporter, not an analyst. I wouldn’t presume to say buy or sell on any of these stocks. If you want to go with either of these companies, great. I wish you best of luck.

  2. westslope

    Foremost terrorist nation state, soon-to-be failed state, hegemonic power has-been, my, my, the quips multiply these days.

    I dunno. I’m pretty sure that Barack Obama IS a muslim,… eh? I agree with Donald Trump that the world doesn’t respect President Obama. Of course OPEC is evil. Why did it take me so long to figure that out?

    Lo siento lo de tu abuelita. Hope the wake was a good one. -w

  3. jau

    No problem sapito, I dont care if you orly me or hat-tip me or whatever me ;)

    I just wanted to know your spin on the situation since you been writing about both companies. Just curious.

    BTW, I am long in Alange since february…

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