Thanks, and a request

Writing this website gets more interesting every day. I started it as an outlet for articles unlikely to be published elsewhere. Recently, I have started to publish stories that I could sell, but would rather release in my own, Internet-only medium. The Internet lets me write as long as I want, link to my sources, and see in real time what stories strike readers’ fancy. Most of all, I get direct contact with you, the readers.

It’s been gratifying to serve an increasing number of readers, subscribers and commenters. The traffic is in part thanks to ongoing support from other sites, particularly IKN and Caracas Chronicles — two very different sites that have been exceedingly generous with the links. Go check them out. Thanks also for links to Financial Times’ Beyond Brics, to Devil’s Excrement, Hemispheric Brief — the list goes on.

This site is a gift to you. That said, I am not so proud that I’d turn down gifts in return. If you like what you read here, please consider sending along a few bucks. I would be thrilled to receive your $5, $20 or $100. The money will help defray expenses including the gradual destruction of my laptop, my bills for long-distance calls and downloading US court documents, and most of all the income I forego by focusing on these stories for you rather than working for pay. The more you give here, the easier it is for me to keep this project going. Thanks very much in advance.



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