Pacific Rubiales ( responds — or does it?

This comment arrived. I think it may count as the first response from Pacific Rubiales to my e-mail of last week and my two blog posts of this week. Yes, the e-mail address listed is But according to WordPress’s IP-decoding software, the comment was posted from the domain “”. It’s hard to spoof a domain while making a blog comment, but possible, so I have no way to know if this comment actually came from Pacific Rubiales’ offices or not. If so, welcome to the conversation. I urge interested readers to go read the comments starting with this one, as I am dedicated to fairness and this may be Pacific Rubiales’s first response to this writer.

PRE staff: If the comment did not come from your offices, you should check your Internet security as someone is claiming to be you and using a IP spoof. That is a serious abuse, so you should look into it.

8 thoughts on “Pacific Rubiales ( responds — or does it?

  1. westslope

    This is hilarious. And who said that non-violent activism didn’t hurt?
    I have an idea……

    Pacific Rubiales needs to hire a guy like me to deal with guys like you setty!

    Take the stigma of being an oil exploration company and a successful one at that; sprinkle in disruptive seismic surveys, massive rains, late-comer oil companies choking ANH offices with license and permit requests, badly eroded roads, cute purring allegedly critically endangered monkeys, a voluntary enforcer of corporate communications named setty, and I can easily imagine how most management teams would feel quickly overwhelmed.

    You realize that if Pacific Rubiales ever hired me, I would work hard to get you ‘working’ for the company in very short order.


    I’ll bet you a cafecito in Punta Arenas that your anonymous poster was an employee of the company who acted without the knowledge of senior management. I would guess that this person acted out of a sense of loyalty to the company.

    Be nice. I’m sure the hapless person has no idea what or who he or she is up against. (If you become an institution, you are now a what.) A contest of equals is not how I would describe this gentle tiff. chau -westslope

  2. westslope

    otto: Can I please fold the bet? There is so much egg on my face, I can hardly see straight this morning. (Besides, I would go for the sea-food or the lamb. A nice freshly caught sea-run brown trout would be even better.)

    Note to self. Your intuition sucks; when in doubt use a search engine.

    I was competely wrong. That is the Pacific Rubiales’ VP of Planification that tried to out the setty. Somewhat to my surprise, I read he has worked in investor relations.


    setty: RRSP is registered retirement saving programs. don’t get it. No, I would have you and other scribes pushing the most credible advertising out the door that money can possibly buy. ‘Critical copy’.

    As McLuhan famously said: The media is the massage. I interpreted that to mean that it was important to massage editors and journalists. Let them win the arguments. Get the scribes purring loudly and they are incapable of noticing their own internal contradictions. Or what is really going on.

  3. westslope

    setty: OK. I believe you want a job where company pension plan contributions are so high you are left with zero contribution room in your RRSP.

    If Pacific Rubiales was really powerful and well connected, some middle manager in a giant communications conglomerate would be calling you up and offering you a 65 hour/week job you couldn’t refuse. ;-) So much for corporate paper pussy cats…..

  4. sapitosetty Post author

    teach me to try and be culturally sensitive. i only know how usa pensions work. yeah, whatever. what you said. no room for rrsp. that.

    i don’t think you have the right guy. no responsible oil executive would claim to be using his real name while giving his second name and second surname.

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