Illarramendi case: Latest court filings

UPDATED last paragraph

Here are the latest SEC and Department of Justice documents related to the Francisco Illarramendi case. Yours for no extra fee.

An arrest warrant for Juan Carlos Guillen Zerpa

An amended complaint againstFrancisco Illarramendi

An arrest warrant for Juan Carlos Horna Napolitano

I have a lot more I could say about this case, but I am going to mostly keep quiet and let interview subjects do the talking. That won’t be immediate, as I’m traveling. The Devil at makes good points and adds a document that I hadn’t seen until he sent it my way. Velly intellesting stuff.

There is one thing that I can say at once, as it is what I think and it’s also the message I got tonight from A. Reader: the real victim in this case is the PDVSA pensioner. This story has years to go before it plays out.

Please note (update March 8): the arrest warrants may look damning but they aren’t even legal indictments, much less the whole story. These guys will have their day in court and it will be interesting to hear their defense. I earlier called these documents “complaints” which was inaccurate. I regret any misperception that may have resulted from my earlier wording.

6 thoughts on “Illarramendi case: Latest court filings

  1. HalfEmpty

    Indeed, they will have their day in court, unless they plea out with just a few minor gems, but I suspect the Feds want this one to go long.

  2. HalfEmpty

    Just to save a bit of time…. for those interested…. from the 1st PDF

    According to the CHS, one of the principal goals of the
    scheme the CHS engaged in was to disguise the fact that Funds and
    related entities the CHS managed and advised have outstanding
    liabilities that greatly exceed the current value of their
    assets, exposing investors and creditors to the risk of sUffering
    losses potentially as high as hundreds of millions of dollars.

    CHS = Abdul the Weasel

  3. javier

    Reading the two arrest warrants was very interesting , too bad we don’t know who is the big international accounting firm.
    Also in the warrants there is a secret actor aka CHS – confidential Human Source and we might never find out who he is. Once Llaramendi is sentenced depending on the length of his prison term I speculate that he is the CHS just like Setty

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