News tidbits: Jamaica-PDVSA, Peru-self destruction

I’m not blogging much these days, as I take advantage of my gainful unemployment to go see the world. But the news just keeps happening, so here are a couple items worth being aware of:

An agreement between the state oil companies of Jamaica and Venezuela to upgrade the island nation’s 35,000 barrel-a-day oil refinery is going nowhere, according to the Jamaica Gleaner. This potentially messes up the IMF’s plans for Jamaica, and leaves the country likely to turn its refinery into an oil terminal.

Adding to the problems from gold mining in Peru’s Amazon, you can now list a profusion of vampire bats, with the result being a growing count of rabies cases, the BBC reports. Now at 20 deaths in the past year. Rabies, for those who haven’t lived in rural areas, is the most deadly transmissible disease in humans — one person is known to have survived infection without vaccination. Speaking of outlaw mining in Peru, The Daily Climate points out that it will be hard for that country to sell its forests for carbon offset programs if it doesn’t have forests. And the Tierra y Libertad (Land and Liberty) party says (Spanish; English translation here) none of the candidates for president have decent proposals for fixing the Madre de Dios gold rush.

I’m sure much more is happening but I’m busy traveling, so enjoy your own news searches!