Colombian coal notes from here and there

Some editorial writer in El Tiempo (a newspaper supposedly owned by the family of Colombia’s president, Juan Manual Santos, says coal companies should pay more royalties.

The railway that hauls from country’s biggest coal mine gets blown up again.

And Chilean authorities say that the planned Castilla coal-fired power plant, which is to be fueled with Colombian coal, should never have been classified as a pollutant. Rather, it is an “annoyance” — a 2.4-gigawatt annoyance. That, along with agreement the prior week by developer MXP (an Eike Batista company) to spend $10 million on mitigations puts Chile on track to build its biggest ever carbon emitter. And don’t worry about those bombings, Eike plans to truck the coal to the Colombian port. Hey, when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, in for a dime, in for a dollar, right?

2 thoughts on “Colombian coal notes from here and there

  1. HalfEmpty

    I don’t see how it would be possible to truck enough coal to fuel a 2400 megawatt steam plant on a continual basis. Perhaps a one time deal for a week. But the shock to the roads alone would prohibit this from being a regular means of fuel supply.

  2. sapitosetty Post author

    Half — download the company presentation I linked to. They aren’t just planning to truck the coal for the Chile plant, but also for an equally huge plant in Brazil and a couple smaller ones in Brazil as well.

    What I want to know is how much Venezuelan diesel they are going to use to fuel this scheme.

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