3 thoughts on “In the absence of a price signal

  1. Alek Boyd

    Y el subsidio a la gasolina, donde me lo vas a dejar? Y el gasoducto trans-Amazonico? Y el hecho de que el tipo es el lider supremo de un petro-estado?

    Only imbeciles and the mentally impaired can buy into Chavez’s alleged concern for the environment. But hang on, isn’t the green fraternity and the community of global warming eco-warriors and alarmists squarely behind Chavez?

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      Alek: talking to people like they are idiots is a bad way to convince them of anything, and it’s not something I tolerate in my house. Please tone it down.

      1. Alek Boyd

        Setty, your house, your rules. Accepted.

        Just a bit of a clarification though. As I once said to FT, please hit the dictionary, and read the definition. Nothing wrong, in my opinion, with expressing my understanding of the mental capacity of some people.

        As per convincing them, whoever told you that was my intention? I feel much better exposing them, for it’s not me the one who needs to deal with reality here…

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