I’m sure that will work (CVX still not paying)

Yeah, launch a lawsuit or three. After all, the governments of Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela will always put environmental concerns ahead of energy resource development.


Guess what: If you want to reduce the pollution from oil (and coal, for that matter), you are going to have to do more than sue Chevron or blockade their gates. You need to minimize your driving and flying and electricity consumption. Even after the environmentalist and pro-indigenous side basically won everything they asked for, you still have this:

Chevron said it did not intend to pay a dime. “We intend to resist enforcement anywhere where the plaintiffs seek to take what we perceive to be a fraudulent judgment,” said Kent Robertson, a Chevron spokesman.

2 thoughts on “I’m sure that will work (CVX still not paying)

  1. pjk

    also, state oil companies are just as bad as the multinationals, and they’re never going to be held accountable. one used to be able to swim in lake maracaibo…

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