Dear Secret Agent: I can see you (Kroll using anonymous comments to defend Chevron)

So yesterday, I get this provocative comment on my post “Chevron-Kroll story shows how companies recruit reporters:”

At first, I replied by reiterating what I said in the story — mostly that this Chien Andalou should go look at the original reporting. I then (like a fool) repeated the doubts that Kroll has been trying to sow regarding whether the anti-Chevron forces may have tampered with or concealed evidence.

But then I noticed this in my access logs

This commenter, with his or her provocative question, was logged in from “Kroll Ontrack,” which calls itself “the world leader in legal technologies, litigation consulting, e-discovery, computer forensics, jury and trial consulting.”

The person’s post linked to a blog, Debaser84. I don’t know if Debaser84 is written by some Kroll troll. It’s a bunch of geopolitical bla blah.

The poster did give me an e-mail address that included a name — though the address was at Hotmail. The name matches a “Senior Analyst at Kroll” on LinkedIn.

I don’t know that this was the person who left the note. The person at that address hasn’t written back to my e-mailed query. All I know is that the comment came from a Kroll computer and that the commentor didn’t say s/he was from there.

Point being very simple: If you want to defend your company, fine. But stand up and be a human being about it. Don’t use anonymous blogs and comments as a front for multinationals — not for Kroll and not for Chevron. I have many regular readers at Chevron. It’s a big, grown-up company and it can defend itself, thank you.


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