Blood for oil

Palm oil in this case. Gotta love that renewable energy.

Only two hours prior to our interview with Rigoberto Funes (the President of one of the largest Plantation Cooperatives in Honduras), he and Fredy Gonzalez Castro (the Cooperative Treasurer) were gunned down in broad daylight.

Gotta love the end of the post:

Funes and Castro were important figures behind a very successful and well organized Cooperative that provides health care and university education for all of its members and their children. These roadside / broad daylight killings seem intended to send a message to the Campesino’s or anyone attempting to challenge the Palm Oil Industry’s power structure. I’m not writing this blog to editorialize, but I have a hard time understanding why exceptionally wealthy entities aren’t comfortable sharing a small slice of the pie with organizations that help employ, feed, protect and educate entire villages. I went to film school, not business school, so perhaps there’s someone out there with an applicable education capable of explaining this to me.

For more on the situation, see Jeff Conant’s recent article about the “brutal rash of kidnappings, murders, detentions and intimidation” that is helping Honduras develop its palm oil plantations.