What do natural gas prices, loss of virginity and dividing by zero have in common

Today, Chile’s “bi-minister” of mining and energy, Laurence Golborne, sauntered into Punta Arenas, the southernmost city on the planet and the only city in the western hemisphere to have gone on a week-long general strike in as long as I can remember. He went there to try and work out a way to get the protestors to take down their roadblocks, let the trapped tourists out of Tierra del Fuego, quit trying to shut off the gas to Methanex, and get back to the pleasures of summer in the near-Antarctic.

It worked!

So now you, at no extra charge, get to study Spanish and learn all manner of cultural references, just by going to #GolborneFacts on Twitter.

Along with the usual signs of approval:
Golborne loses virginity before his parents
Golborne divides by zero
When Golborne gets in the water, he doesn’t get wet – the water gets Golborned
In a battle between Darth Vader, Wolverine and Chuck Norris, the winner is — Golborne

You also get a lot of local color:
Golborne resolves bilateral tensions by creating a sea in Bolivia*
Golborne doesn’t believe in God, God believes in Golborne**
Golborne wins in 1st round in 2014 with 300% of the votes, is also president of both chambers of congress and mayor of Santiago***

including some you’re really unlikely to understand without deep Chile insight:
“Golborne logra que @lagosweber se pronuncie sobre su beca. #GolborneFacts”
“Golbone logra que el perro LIPIGAS deje de hablar como flaite #golbornefacts…. naaa…mejor no!”
“Golborne logra q la RAE acepte Marepoto y Tusunami como palabras oficiales en reemplazo d las ridiculas maremoto y tsunami #golbornefacts”
“Ximena Ossandon mandó a hacer una estatua de Golborne para la Junji #GolborneFacts”

Go read. You need the entertainment and education. And yes, this has to do with commodities, so it’s allowed on this blerg.

* Bolivia has been sore about Chile taking its access to the Pacific for several years now.
** The dude is one of the few out-of-the-closet agnostics in public life in this largely Opus Dei country.
*** No joke.


4 thoughts on “What do natural gas prices, loss of virginity and dividing by zero have in common

  1. Sean

    Personal favourites (because I understood them):

    Sólo Golborne supera a Golborne

    Cualquiera puede mear en el sueño, Golborne puede hacer caca…. en el techo


      1. Allan

        yeah I stumbled in here looking for a Bonedome record review by Hugo Chavez. This is as close as I got.

        I liked Ushuaia…seemed like a city to me.

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