The great thing about search engine optimization

is that it doesn’t understand sarcasm.

I do DHS analysis so they don't have to.

In related news, this is a pretty decent article about how Venezuela nukes aren’t much to worry about. Other than the really dumb line “Obviously, it would be foolish to dismiss the possibility of Venezuela becoming a nuclear power.” Actually, it would be foolish to do anything but laugh about the possibility. Oh and “American individuals and groups should support Venezuelan advocates of liberty” is pretty silly. I think American individuals and groups should start out by worrying about their own country, which isn’t exactly doing a great job on the liberty front. But anyway.


6 thoughts on “The great thing about search engine optimization

  1. Juan Cristobal

    So anyone who visits your blog can get their information splattered on a post of yours? Doesn’t sound too welcoming…

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      Sorry. That was a snotty response by me. Actually you’re right, I don’t usually post stats and I agree that there is an ethical gray area there. I wouldn’t post stats of individuals or companies. But the U.S. military, law enforcement and intelligence world is different. First of all, they are keeping data on all of us, so it is fun to show that it goes both ways. Second, it shows that the world is in trouble if they are going to semi-anonymous blogs to get their intel. So there is actually news value in the posting, beyond my sarcasm. Third, my whole point in naming that post the way I did was to serve as a honeypot for paranoids on the internet. This shows that it works.

      So don’t worry — you and the people at oil companies or wherever can read in peace, I’m not going to “out” you. And honestly I appreciate your concern for privacy.

  2. Paul Escobar VeeeeeATCH!

    Using that Venezuela = Zimbabwe formula, they could write a book.
    An analysis of the 3 threats over $1000 – which Venezuela is currently unable to pose to the world.

    They could pad the book with 2 shocking quotes presumably & reportedly attributed to Hugo Chavez.
    Like this:
    “No one, other than, presumably, Hugo Chávez, wants Venezuela to build nuclear weapons.”
    And definitely this:
    “Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has reportedly jumped on the bandwagon, blaming the earthquake on a test of the tectonic weapon.”

    Obviously, this book would be dedicated to the 1 state on Earth which faces an existenial threat from Venezuela.

  3. Quico

    I thought the Huffo piece was pretty weak. The historian in me had a minor conniption over the line about Venezuela being at peace since 1823. And I find it absolutely staggering that they managed to write a whole column on this topic and never referenced the Wikileaked cables on this very topic – which show the State Dept. coming to pretty much the same conclusion. Plagiarism or cluelessness? I guess we’ll never know…

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