What, the southern lights aren’t enough for you?

Piraña nos cagaste

"Piranha" (referring to President Sebastian Piñera), "You shat on us." Click for original in slideshow.

Bolivia, Pakistan, Venezuela — energy price unrest is popping up all over the place, especially in poor regions that produce the world’s fuel. Up today: Magallanes, in southern Chile. Go figure: When energy prices soar worldwide, people in energy-producing regions feel entitled to profits and resent higher bills.

One thought on “What, the southern lights aren’t enough for you?

  1. El rojo

    The same goes for fishing. When fish stocks decline, people in fishing areas demand governments give them more money so they can work on destroying the fish stocks.

    Or insist on open-access rules as a way of alleviating aboriginal groups of their resources.

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