The most basic smart grid

Venezuela promising to install a million electricity meters this year. Not fancy high-tech meters, just any meters. Difficult though it is to believe, the country generally treats its power as “too cheap to meter.” Even as the lack of power stifles the economy. I doubt that a million will be installed. Probably far fewer, and some of those that are installed will quickly get bypassed, but hey, little by little…

One thought on “The most basic smart grid

  1. Kepler

    I remember when I was a small child there was a primitive metre at home like in most houses that were not just shanty towns. My neighbours would use some kind of magnet to fiddle with theirs, my parents did not want to do that as they were honest.
    Years later, in the late eighties, the electricity company introduced metres that were installed outside and were more difficult to tamper with, I heard.
    Anyway: now the Chávez government is announcing they will introduce something that should be there. For how long can they announce such things?
    Just two years ago Chávez was complaining he saw a tree growing in the middle of some pipeline and he blaimed it on the IV Republic. Now: the IV Republic ended on 4.2.1999. Even if the tree was older than 10 years, which I doubt, the government had ten years to do something about that and about 300% more money than what the governments in the previous 12 years had. Chavismo acts every day as if they just arrived yesterday. Da ganas de vomitar.

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