Oxygen is the dominant atmospheric gas

It is often reported that nitrogen is the most prevalent gas in our atmosphere. For example, Wikipedia says it makes up more than 70% of Earth’s gaseous layer. These claims are often repeated uncritically.

Studies show that the human body absorbs very little nitrogen in the course of respiration. Almost all of the air molecules absorbed into the body are oxygen.

It is clear from these data that statements about nitrogen “dominating” the atmosphere are not only exaggerated, but simply false.

10 thoughts on “Oxygen is the dominant atmospheric gas

  1. locojhon

    You mean to tell me that we’ve been fed crappola from the government-manipulated msm???
    I’m (gasp, gasp, gasp) breathless,,,
    Nice job,,,SS. (It’s so nice to combat bullcrap with data and facts, isn’t it?)
    Too bad one has to be south of the border or on the net to read it…

  2. Kepler

    I wonder how much money Weisbrot gets from the civic-military regime (if you don’t believe it is civi-military, count the milicos we have as governors or as very close relatives of said milicos, among other details).

    Outside the 3 main cities very few average people have cable TV or satellite or Internet, whatever satellite dishes useful idiots can detect while driving from Maiquetía to Caracas or from Caracas to Valencia.

  3. Kepler

    Setty, I want you to go to Maturín, Monagas (population: over 600 000) and visit an average family (not middle class, which in Venezuela is not really average). I want you to do the same in Trujillo, in Lara, in Apure, in many cities of Guárico. Then tell me how many times you can watch Globo or RCTV cable. Also what kind of criticism towards Chávez on Venevisión

  4. Kepler

    I’m actually shocked, Setty.
    Do you know how many people you can reach with the supposed 10 million private TVs that are, apparently, all incredibly against government?
    Do you know how many people you can reach with VTV?
    “facts”? Facts my foot. Apparently some people will believe tomatos are lethal because 99% of people who have eaten tomatos in the last 200 years are dead now.
    How can you compare just by citing numbers? How many people have cable TV in Venezuela? How many people have satellite dishes? Where do they live? (percentage-wise, if not per municipio, at least per state)

  5. lgg

    Just let me know when Weisbrot learns what a “cadena” means.

    By the way, doesn’t Weisbrot get funding from the Venezuelan Government? Shouldn’t he disclose that?

  6. Juan Cristobal

    Venevisión is *not* a state-owned TV station?! And private TV broadcasters can broadcast whatever they want?

    Who knew. I wonder what they breathe on planet Weisbrot – arsenic, perhaps?

  7. Lia-chan

    Hey, technically the man in in the right: *truly* State-owned media is, numerically speaking, *sightly* lower than private media, and their rating per se is equally low.
    What this arsenic-breathing asshole may not know, because the dude will never make a content analysis (since we all know who pays him), is that the state is the biggest publicity buyer on this country, and most of the private-owned media outlets carry an awful lot of pro-government and pro-Chavez propaganda.

  8. dcisfun

    Only in Venezuela! cable info update: if you remember sat tv, like direct tv in the US, allows up to 4 receivers per account (usually for each room in the house) HOWEVER,in vzla those receivers can be installed in ANY number of households distinct from the account holder, so one account with 4 receivers usually means 4 different street addresses, often in the same block, or just about anywhere else you are able to point the dish to for different households!

    this means viewership can be hugely miscounted, by a factor of four!

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