Hello, wacky visitors!

I know I do good research, but you’d think the Naval Ocean Systems Center of the U.S. Navy would be able to find out about drill rig contracts off the coast of Venezuela without searching it out on a blog. If you are trying to figure out what the hell I was talking about, THE TEMPORAL DISPLACEMENT DRILL IS A JOKE. Not a supersecret Venezuela arms project. Mkay?

For that matter, I wonder at times why the U.S. Army Information Systems Command sees a need to visit here at least once a day, though from this I guess maybe they are just scouring the web constantly to look for threats. Psst — got a threat for you: you guys drive cars to much. OK! All yours, no extra fee.

Oh hey cool, someone at Venezuela’s central bank used Google Translate to read my prior post in Spanish. That is just too meta!


3 thoughts on “Hello, wacky visitors!

  1. Francisco Toro

    The thing that gets me is not so much that various bits of the U.S. foreign policy bureaucracy casually pilfer the stuff I write but that even then, they won’t give me a damn visa! I mean, ok, cut-and-paste research is the way of the 21st century, we all know that – I don’t even want money in return. I’d just like a weekend in NYC once in a while, y’know?

  2. Ron

    As far as US “intelligence services” are concerned (the epitome of an oxymoron), anyone who voluntarily lived in Ven is a Commie Pinko Degenerate Scuzball and is highly unlikely to get a Visa.

    And do you really think that the vast majority of US “intelligence” gathering is really more involved than reading blogs and the odd newspaper/magazine and watching the boob tube?

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