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Why write? There is already an endless supply of interesting and often well thought-out information out there. A few sites that have grabbed my attention recently AND WON’T LET GO:

War Is Business. This groovy young reporter Corey Pein has the snappiest, funniest website imaginable about death machines. He, like the plurality you dear readers, is in the United States, where the Department of Defense budget on its own controls more than 1% of the GDP of the entire planet. Recent posts expose a cynical recruitment campaign using YouTube hiphop videos, the military industry’s campaign contributions and the creepy link between the private prison industry and the punitive approach to un-permitted immigration.

For some reason, most people I know in the States — especially the nice college-educated non-veteran Obamaites — prefer to just not think about the military. If you need any encouragement, I recommend this essay, at the perpetually awesome Tom Dispatch:

“If it bleeds, it doesn’t lead,” could be a news motto for much of recent war coverage, especially if the bleeding is done by civilians.

China South America. The name says it all — a straightforward and very polite blog about the growing links between China and South America. Bloomberg is running a series of gigantic and often fascinating stories on that topic this week. Go look at the blog, he has the links there and if you like it, add it to your reader or bookmarks. I like how he posts very selectively — not much there, but what’s there is gold.

Monocle: Brainy european magazine. I’ve been doing some writing for them, and have been enjoying their daily Monocolumns — they are little morsels of reality from around the world, little treasures, focusing on some odd, telling aspect of life. Flagpoles in central Asia, moustaches in Turkey, UFO-spotters in Silicon Valley, that sort of thing.

Venepiramides: I don’t cover much of the Venezuela cloak-and-dagger finance scene here but that’s in part because Venepiramides does it so well. If you enjoy gangster novels, Venepiramides is a good reason to learn Spanish. The blogger is anti-Chavez, but he’s not a jerk about it. If only every country’s financial system had bloggers so good.

CIPER: Chile’s crack investigative reporters. Just one fantastic story after another. I’ve been enjoying using text-to-speech to listen to long stories…time to get one that works in Spanish.


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  1. Kepler

    Thanks for the links.
    The many stories about the weapons industry are initially incredible but unfortunately tend to be very real. That business affects the policies of the US, Russia, Israel and virtually all countries in many more ways than people think.

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