3 thoughts on “My PDV obsession, continued: financial statements

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      Ramirez blows a lot of smoke, but he’s no idiot. When you see something this dumb, look at the byline. In this case, it’s by AVN (not a very respectable news source) being re-edited and put out by El Nacional (ditto). No wonder it doesn’t make any sense.

      This is from the original AVN story, which while irrelevant to today, is at least accurate:

      Recordó que en septiembre del año 2008 el precio del barril estaba en 140 dólares, bajando en enero de 2009 a 35 dólares el barril.

      “En ingresos tuvimos una disminución de 12.000 mil millones de dólares solamente en un período de seis meses, a partir de allí nuestro Gobierno ha venido cumpliendo con la política de recorte de producción en la Opep para tener un piso que nos permita planificar y evitar el desplome del precio del petróleo”, expresó el también presidente de Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa).

      1. Kepler

        Yes, Hugo said a similar stuff during that interview by the bloke from Hard Talk and the journalist did not react quite well. If it had been a journalist a la Marietta Slomka

        she would have asked: but Mr President (Ramírez), oil prices were on on annual average so and so in the last 6 months and the price actually paid for deliveries has been Z% higher since…according to official figures.”

        But then we do not have many of those journalists and if we had they would never be allowed 1 km from those politicos.

        That they just print that crap without any analysis is…well, so typical of Venezuelan media.

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