There was a big celebration as a drill rig left the San Jose mine site two days ago. Well no, mostly there was a swarm of cameramen, looking like ants rushing for someone carrying a honeypot past the nest. But anyway it was bright daylight and some people made a big deal out of it. That’s pretty different from tonight, when arrived a drill of the type usually used to insert rock bolts or drill holes for quarrying explosives. That vehicle came in around 2 in the morning. The only fanfare was the police escort.

I think they’re going to blow up the mine. Guys who have been living there longer said it will be made into a pit mine. I doubt that will be profitable. Strange, after spending so many millions to pull these guys out, that they’d just blow up all the hard work. But maybe that’s the safe thing to do.


3 thoughts on “Gloom

  1. GB

    Having grown up in a mining town, I’ve seen the cycle. When the mine goes bust, the supporting town suffers. What is to happen to Copiapo?
    Anyway, it has been an amazing rescue feat.

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