A wee chop

Is Mariscal Sucre the Bermuda Triangle of oil exploration? Is there some demon gas down there, from which the winds of fate try in vain to protect us? I told you a new drill ship was on the way…

There it goes!

Right into this!

Safe travels, for real. There’s something funky going on in the water out there. Two days ago three motorboats “disappeared” off Isla Margarita. While everyone was wondering where they could have gotten to, a plane — also from Isla Margarita — was flying to Puerto Ordaz and instead crashed into the Sidor steel mill property on the outskirts of town, killing 15 and, fortunately, leaving 36 alive but shaken.

Meanwhile the boaters were found, 103 miles away, on the mainland. Rescuers were taking one of the boats and its passengers back to Isla Margarita today when a helicopter carrying medical supplies came in too close hit the prow of a rescue vessel, crashing into the sea and leaving least two dead and five injured. A cargo ship is now towing the troubled motorboat and its 10 passengers off to safer waters — Trinidad.

4 thoughts on “A wee chop

  1. Roberto N

    Throw in the accident that the governor of Guarico state, William Lara, died in and you’ve got a pretty impressive run of bad luck in Venz. lately.

    You’d think someone hired a witch doctor or something.

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