Third time’s a charm? New drill ship to Mariscal Sucre

Saturn at Jubilee

Saturn at Jubilee

PDVSA has hired a new drill ship for the Mariscal Sucre offshore natural gas project after sending away the rent-a-wreck Neptune Discoverer and losing the semisubmersible Oban Pearl to the seafloor. The new machine, Songa Saturn, is like the earlier vessels the product of the late-70s oil boom rather than being a new and expensive piece of equipment. However at least the Saturn has had some luck recently. It drilled the successful assessment well for the Jubilee field off the coast of Ghana. People close to the situation say the ship will be especially useful in Mariscal Sucre thanks to its new temporal displacement drill, which will allow the first LNG production from the field to be shipped on schedule in 2005 (PDF, depressing).


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