Isla no longer most polluting PDVSA facility in Netherlands



I said "boom". (Photo courtesy of John Smith, who posted it. Click image for many more sad and impressive images.

Best wishes to the firefighters and most of all to the people, birds and fish of formerly pristine Bonaire. Note in this story that Isla refinery on Curacao, which is normally the most polluting site in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, did its damndest to keep up, having not just one tank of naphtha but two tanks catch on fire during the same lightning storm.

Excuse me for being stupid but isn’t lightning protection one of the easiest pieces of HSE technology there is? As in, 18th-century easy? Asdrubal Chavez, already responsible for the Putreval scandal, you have some more explaining to do. Or you would if you weren’t in the president’s family. Never mind.

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