3 thoughts on “Chile mine collapse diagram

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      I’m not sure exactly, but the section below the obstruction is supposedly about a mile. It took about an hour to 90 minutes for workers to descend to their jobs in vehicles, so you figure it’s probably a few miles of tunnel. Also knowing that it’s a half mile down to the refuge, and the ramp can only be so steep, that would be a 5-mile tunnel at a 10% grade.

    2. Steve

      Eric, the “stupid media” in every country often do a poor job of reporting, especially about complicated technical issues, or news that happens far away from their readers. The early stages of the BP oil spill are proof of that.

      But if you are willing to look around and ask questions, there are plenty of sites that will provide almost all the detail you could want.

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