Venezuela falls behind on new power plant goals

Memory, all alone in the moonlight.

Old-timers might remember this picture from the halcyon days of May. It shows the schedule for bringing new or restored generation on line in Venezuela over the course of 2010. The hand in this photo is the president of Venezuela.

The Centro Nacional de Gestion, Venezuela’s grid manager, published its July monthly report a few days ago. It tracks nominal generating capacity:
January 23,794.5 MW
July 24,413.4 MW
Change = 618.9 MW, a 2.6% increase

So the total incorporated this year is still less than what they said they had “inaugurated” by the end of April.


3 thoughts on “Venezuela falls behind on new power plant goals

  1. Juan Cristobal

    Great find. It’s obvious that “inaugurating” and “being ready for operation” are two completely different things.

    So … do any of those 618 “new” MW correspond to Guri’s increased water levels?

  2. sapitosetty Post author

    Hi, no, the table I’m talking about is “installed generating capacity.” So Guri has been considered to be 6,000 MW or whatever all year. That number only changes if generators are put in or taken out of service, more or less permanently. That said a lot of those that are considered to be in service really aren’t, and it’s hard to monitor how well or poorly they are doing. I have the records but don’t have the time to crunch the numbers right now, and the CNG report includes only the good news (generators coming on line) and not the bad news (things breaking down).

  3. Island Canuck

    Here in Margarita we continue to suffer with frequent rationing & brown outs.

    During most daytime hours from about 8.30 to 5 or 6 the voltage drops to anywhere from 110 to 115. Normal is around 125.

    The smaller A/Cs of 12,000 BTUs keep chugging along however the larger ones, 24,000 BTUs, won’t start the compressors at those voltage levels. This is really a pain in the ass when you are trying to work.

    Right now we are enduring our 2nd rationing of the day. The first lasted 22 minutes & this one is now at 45 minutes. I’m using my laptop with the Wi-Fi hooked up to an APC.

    Just great for all the tourists here.

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