Not to take pleasure in the pain of others or anything, but…

Gunnison Massacre monument

A dove perches atop the Gunnison Massacre monument in the Utah desert, May 22, 2005.

I guess the world agreed with my assessment of Oil & Gas Insight. This was in the mail:

Your 7 day free trial subscription to Oil and Gas Insight expired now.

Oil and Gas Insight series has been discontinued as a print and online subscription service.

We have replaced this with our in-depth country specific Oil and Gas Industry Analysis & Reports – featuring industry trend analysis, 5-year forecasts, ratings and competitive intelligence on leading companies across the world.

Sounds like a good idea. Now, as part of my mission to readers time and money, I provide you with a link to the best 5-year forecasts on Venezuela.


One thought on “Not to take pleasure in the pain of others or anything, but…

  1. island canuck

    When asked for the “future of Venezuela”

    The answer is: Check back later.

    In the meantime we are suffering daily blackouts of 2 to 4 hours, usually at night right during the evening hours, here in Margarita with the main crush of tourists to arrive during the next two weeks.

    I expect longer & more frequent cuts. The political answer is that everything will improve in September. Well, duh!! I guess the Island will have about half the population by then. Verrrry clever!!

    Really an impressive way to encourage future visitors to the main tourist area of Venezuela.

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