Run Rafa Run

Seize BP’s assets now before they sell and give a “comparable” price for the Icsid people!

4 thoughts on “Run Rafa Run

  1. otto

    Why do i cringe when i see a bloomie note with “….a person with knowledge of the matter said…..” in the 1st paragraph?

  2. sapitosetty Post author

    smart thought. speaking of offers, it may be less cunning, and just be related to the fact that venezuela and colombia are outside the risk profiles of some possible bp buyers. exxon and conoco can’t go to venezuela. chevron probably has enough of the orinoco belt. shell, can shell even buy bp under europe anti-trust rules? i dunno. honestly the little cerro negro stake that bp ended up with has never been very useful for them and it would make sense for them to try and ditch it. it’s all liabilities without much profit.

    and as far as the anonymous source: you are always right to cringe at anonymous sources. but i’m sure the source checks out. bloomboig is about the most meticulous news agency when it comes to anonymous sources, and if they went with it from a sole source, it is likely from someone very high up. after all, editors don’t start fretting about whether they are fulfilling their “breaking news” metric until some time in november.

  3. carne tremula

    it’s a firesale. it may benefit venezuela if icsid rules against venezuela.

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