Leisure – your best energy conservation bargain

It’s been a couple weeks since the Venezuelan government eliminated electricity rationing, but there is no change in the country’s daily electricity consumption. I said at the time that rationing didn’t do anything to reduce energy consumption, and I stick with it. That said, you can see from here that there was one conservation measure that worked.

Electricity demand graphic

The chart shows daily electricity consumption from the Centro Nacional de Gestion, which runs the power grid. The yellow line with a brownish shaded area is the overall average for the period and one standard deviation. I think the conclusions are pretty clear — you want to save energy, send everyone home from work.

You can see that people didn’t just take one week off, either, but two. It will be interesting to see if this cuts second-quarter GDP.

2 thoughts on “Leisure – your best energy conservation bargain

  1. Edgar Gonzalez


    I see your point. But in order to truly see the effect (or non effect) of the rationing, you need to illustrate more data prior to the date it was imposed.


    1. sapitosetty Post author

      Quite right. I didn’t track daily data before that, but I’ll update with monthly data once I have this move worked out. Borders are a hassle.

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