Orange Mousse

I think I preferred the chocolate milk.

Update May 30: In response to the question in comments, here’s the general website for the cleanup and here’s the page with maps. Looking at these maps gives us something to do while busy not weaning the world from hydrocarbons.

3 thoughts on “Orange Mousse

  1. Lazarus

    Can you provide the link for updates? Thanks, and keep up the great work, good to have another blogger providing a new view point on Venezuela.

  2. Kepler

    Thanks for the site.

    I was watching a programme on ARD about the events leading to the disaster. Those blokes couldn’t have been more irresponsible in dealing with the whole situation.

  3. Steve

    In my opinion, the best source of information about the causes of the blowout and the effort to stop it is this blog:

    In my opinion, it has a lot of informed commentary and technical details that are unavailable from any other online source.

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