Friday on-topic: Oil and water, mixed

Since it’s been a PDVSAish week and I’m far from Venezuela.

Oil-slicked lagoon at PDVSA oil well in Anzoategui state

(Click for full size) A lagoon full of produced water from a PDVSA oil well sits exposed to migrating birds between the Amazon-Gran Sabana megafauna hotspot and the Caribbean. Campo San Joaquin, Anzoategui, Sept. 14, 2008.

Don’t worry about the oil slick. A local squatter told us PDVSA comes once in a while and burns off the crude.

4 thoughts on “Friday on-topic: Oil and water, mixed

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  2. Mamarracho

    The double speak on biodiversity issues is so pathetic. On one side the is a grandiose scheme for a Latin American School of Biodiv in the Rancho Grande bldg in Aragua and lots of nice publicity about the year of biodiv. Hot air. The country´s biggest polluters are state owned, ranging from waterworks, heavy industry to the destruction of whole watersheds and landscapes because of corruption. PDVSA used to let USB marine biology students do surveys of fauna on their sites, but not any more. The destruction of field stations in Piñero, El Frío, and Cedral. Other field stations are in danger. What a waste.

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