Isla stays down

Isla refinery restart fails.

WILLEMSTAD — Isla-spokesperson Kenneth Gijsbertha confirmed that a cautious attempt to re-start the Isla-refinery had failed this morning after the BOO power plant had come to a standstill again. This standstill had not only led to a power failure at the plant, but had caused a black out at the Isla, and an electricity shortage at utility company Aqualectra.

This is the second time in a very short period that the Isla was confronted with the fall out of the BOO power plant. According to Gijsbertha, the Isla had intended on starting up their steam units for the refining of crude oil. About eleven o’clock the refinery had suddenly encountered a power failure, caused by the fall out of the BOO power plant, where one of the boilers had broken down, according to Gijsbertha. About noon, Gijsbertha sounded a bit despondent due to the continuous problems of the refinery.

“You know there are certain risks connected to re-starting, but then something like this happens again. For a moment, you are at a complete loss what to do. This only causes more delay to re-start the refinery and that will just cost more time.” The BOO had been working on re-starting the power plant about noon again, where one assumed that this process could be achieved quickly. Considering this, Gijsbertha assumes the refinery will possibly be able to re-start tomorrow, or one of these days. The refinery has been at a standstill since the beginning of March due to problems at the BOO, the power plant of the Isla.

As predicted.

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  1. Bois

    I just completed a 8 week project at Refineria ISLA and I can tell you the earliest it will start up is the 1st week of June.

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