Travel time

Probably no posts this weekend here, as I am off to see the remains of a tsunami and seek out this “ueón” Ricardo. Thanks very much for reading and participating.


3 thoughts on “Travel time

  1. Kepler

    Very impressive. Where was that?
    I had to laugh on hearing the ueón 10 times a second. Some Venezuelans can use the word very often, but it seems Chileans do that even more. It sounds almost like an obligatory syntactic particle, like the -mas at the end of a Japanese verb. I think he even tells the girl once something with ueón as well.

  2. Kepler

    Oops, I see…Pichilemu.
    Can you tell us: are they so much more organized than other South Americans when it comes to such disasters? (that is what I hear)

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