Speaking of ride a bike

The bike-riding, beard-trimming, mime-hiring, spandex-sporting weirdo Antanus Mockus (no really, click the link, watch the video, it will be one of the best hours you spend in front of a screen this year) is now the front-runner for presidency of Colombia.

Aside from leading 38-29 among likely voters, 50 percent of poll respondents also said they’d vote Mockus in a runoff between the two frontrunners. 37 percent said they’d vote for Santos. Yes, fewer people said they’d vote for Santos in the second round than in the first. I don’t get it either.

The source of this poll is a newspaper owned by the family of former frontrunner Juan Manuel Santos. I mean, I know little about the guy, but as far as I’m concerned, this is exactly the kind of look I seek in a presidential candidate:

Mockus in spandex

The likely next president of Colombia and his bulge.

Mockus, aside from being a character, previously served twice as mayor of Bogotá, helping make it into the world’s “3rd most bike-friendly city.” I’m sure there’s plenty to despise about the guy, but for now, it looks possible that Colombia will have a bit to teach to Mr. Hopey Changey Nobel Prize guy about, you know, “hope and change.”

9 thoughts on “Speaking of ride a bike

  1. Kepler

    Thanks for the link. I watched it, it is brilliant.
    I try to be cautious, but as far as I have seen, Mockus seems to be the best option for Colombia.
    Chávez would definitely prefer Santos.

  2. Ann Onneymouze

    Despite being an ‘interesting character’ as you so quaintly put it, with an intriguing political career, he should be regarded with cautious suspicion after his recent statements of admiration for ‘certain aspects of President Chávez’. Although he didn’t go into much detail about what there could be to admire about this highly encumbered military autocrat, I’m speechless and wondering about his motivation.

  3. Kepler

    I would like to see what Mockus really said. Although I usually read El Tiempo, I know some
    of the main shareholders are the Santos clan.

    1. Ann Onneymouze

      No matter what he said, he’s just come out on record to say he didn’t say that, or didn’t mean what everyone thought he said …

    2. Kepler

      Can you be more specific? Do you think there is a “hidden agenda”? Do you think he sympathizes with Chávez?
      Volví a leer lo que él dijo y no tengo ningún problema con eso. Escogió mal las palabras y lo dijo así.

  4. capitankane

    I wish they would employ some mimes here to teach people how to get on and off the metro. What a guy!

    1. Kepler

      I just did not buy at all into the WMD for Iraq. Did you?
      And I suspected Scholl-Latour’s predictions about the number of casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan would be on the right side (Scholl-Latour is a conservative German journalist who has been working for ages in the region).

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