Cutting through electricity BS

When everyone lies, it doesn’t help.

Here’s La Verdad, citing engineer Nelson Hernandez, who says that the statistics on electricity generation and water flows at Guri don’t add up, because water flowing into the reservoir was lower than outflows on a day when the water level officially stayed the same, among other examples. Hernandez should know better — daily changes in stream flow don’t instantly affect the reservoir level, as anyone knows who has ever spilled water. It takes time for water at one end of Guri to reach the measuring post at the dam, kilometers away. Between that and the effect of wind, daily changes of a centimeter here or there should be taken with a grain of salt. What matters is the trend.

That said, his main point appears to be correct: that the electricity system was used to show a success of the government on April 19, the bicentennial, through deception. But if you look, you’ll see that what was the most likely deception is that Edelca, the big industrial utility, made extra power cuts in the week before April 19, perhaps pumping less water up to Caracas and other places that need electrical pumping. Since that date, Edelca demand has increased at least 5%.

And here, we have Electricity Minister Ali Rodriguez saying that the installation of energy-saving light bulbs allowed the country to conserve 20% of its electricity. Um, no.

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  1. moses

    Check latest Guri info in Alfredo Weill’s twitter:

    Nivel de Guri (22 abr) 248,92 msnm (-7 cm). Caudal de entrada 3.815 m3/s, caudal “turbinado” 5.354 m3/s. Pérdida neta 1.539 m3/s
    about 2 hours ago via UberTwitter

    Nivel de Guri (21 abr) 248,99 msnm (-4 cm). Caudal de entrada 4.808 m3/s, caudal “turbinado” 5.201 m3/s. Pérdida neta 393 m3/s
    11:47 AM Apr 22nd via UberTwitter

    Nivel de Guri (20 abr) 249,03 msnm (+ 0 cm). Caudal de entrada 5.830 m3/s, caudal “turbinado” 5.024 m3/s. Ganancia neta 806 m3/s
    11:47 AM Apr 21st via web

    Nivel de Guri (19 abr) 249,03 msnm (+5 cm). Caudal de entrada 6.385 m3/s, caudal “turbinado” 4.277 m3/s. Ganancia neta 2.058 m3/s
    12:55 PM Apr 20th via web

    # Ayer, luego de varios meses, OPSIS reporta una subida de 1 cm en #Guri. Lo curioso es que subió a pesar de un déficit de 477 m3/s
    3:13 PM Apr 16th via web

    Nivel de Guri (15 abr) 248,80 msnm (+1 cm). Caudal de entrada 3.844 m3/s, caudal de salida (“turbinado”) 4.321 m3/s. Pérdida neta 477 m3/s 3:11 PM Apr 16th via web

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