Wow, that was a pretty cool first day. Thanks very much to the way over-complimentary people at IKN and Caracas Chronicles for the promotions and most of all to the hundreds of people who came and looked around.

Of course now I have performance anxiety. I’m putting all these numbergasms out and people are going to think I can keep that up at a rate of 5 a day. We’ll see how long that lasts! For now, enjoy, link and let me know if anything’s unclear or inaccurate. I am passionate about getting things right, and just cause it’s a one-man blog doesn’t mean I want to lower my standards. Accuracy, after all, is the most important element of journalism. (-;

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8 responses to “Thanks

  1. Nat

    Love the site. Link from Devil’s Excrement blog lead me over and I will continue to follow keep up the good work.


    Added to daily read.

  3. HalfEmpty wins! Thanks again for visiting.

  4. Guy Forget

    Nice to have another LatAm site to read!

    An aside: Do RSS readers show up on your stats? That’s how I get here.

    • Hi, I’m not really sure, but don’t fret. RSS is great. Stats are nice but really, the only measure of success is that more factual knowledge becomes available. Stay in touch.

  5. pjk

    very nicely done. welcome to the party.